OSMIS Technical Specification

7. Reporting Procedures and Contact Details

Specification Errors

Errors and omissions in the technical specification should be reported on the tracking system set up for this purpose, accessible from http://centre.cs.wits.ac.za:8080/itracker/. Notifications will be emailed out when an issue is reported, updated and resolved. Email notifications are currently sent to the OSMIS development mailing list (see below).

Development Collaboration

A Wiki has been set up at http://centre.cs.wits.ac.za:8888/ossms to facilitate interactive collaboration regarding development issues. This forum is intended for developers to share code and ideas, and is a good way for the developers to receive technical input from the design team. Please note that the development team is not automatically notified of activity on the Wiki - it is up to the author to specifically request this on a particular page update.

Development Mailing List

A development mailing list has been set up as the main communication channel between the members of the development team (including developers, designers and analysts). The email address for this list is ossms-dev@lists.cs.wits.ac.za.

General Queries

General queries, questions and comments can be emailed to ossms@cs.wits.ac.za.

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