OSMIS Technical Specification

Class Specification

4.2 Model-Database Mapping

The Model-Database mapping presents the details of how the Java class fields map to database fields. Note that this mapping is not always a 1-1 mapping. Java classes do not necessarily map to single tables, or vice versa.

In some cases, multiple database fields may be needed to create a single Java field. In this case, subqueries and/or joins may be necessary to extract the data. In other cases, data may be derived from other data in the database. However, this Model-Database mapping document serves as a useful development tool, and also helps to debug the interface between the database and the software layer.

The Model-Database mapping document is available in the following formats:

  1. Gnumeric XML Format - 7.4K
  2. MS Excel 95 Format - 40.5K (converted by Gnumeric; untested)
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